This Championship shall be governed by the Rules of Golf as approved by the Indian Golf Union (IGU) and R&A Rules Limited and any Local Rules of the designated golf course decided by the Championship Committee for this Championship.

The Championship Committee comprises:

  • Rathan Kumar
  • Rishi Narain
  • Charu Narain

The Championship Committee’s decision shall be final on all matters governing this championship.

Individual Gang Members MUST have attained the age of 21 years as on May 1st 2015. THIS CHAMPIONSHIP IS MEANT FOR AMATEURS ONLY AND PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE. Top Twenty ranked amateur golfers of any country as on May 1st 2015, are also not eligible to participate.

Only Gangs whose entries are accepted by the Championship Committee are eligible to participate in this Championship. The Championship Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any Gang’s and/or member/s of the Gang’s entry to the Championship. The Championship Committee also reserves the right to accept, reject or modify any members of the Gang’s submitted Handicap Index, based on its verification.

For the upcoming legs, we will be taking into consideration the lowest handicap index out of the following: Your current club handicap index OR your current NHS handicap Index OR your club handicap index as of 1st of September OR your NHS handicap index as of 1st of September. Handicaps will be adjusted to the Slope Rating of the course you will be playing at. Each participant must carry a Handicap Certificate along with them. If no handicap certificate is presented at Registration, the participant’s handicap will be revised to 0.

The Handicap Index must be from a slope and course rated golf course, affiliated to the Indian Golf Union (IGU) or as per the National Handicap Service (NHS) instituted by IGU. IGU accredited course & slope rated golf courses in India are listed on the website.

A Player can represent himself/herself as a member of ONLY ONE GANG in GW ‘15. Once a player accepts his/her registration as a member of one of the Gangs, he/she shall not be eligible to represent any other Gang. However, if the Warlord were to release the player, then the player is eligible to represent another Gang. Written communication to this effect has to be sent to the Championship Committee by the Warlord of the Gang where the player was originally registered, consenting the release, before the player seeks to represent another Gang. If a player accepts his/her registration as a member of a Gang and further registers themselves with another Gang, he/she will be disqualified from participating in GW ‘15. Once a player has participated in GW ‘15 representing a Gang, then the player cannot represent any other Gang in GW ‘15, irrespective of whether or not the Warlord has released the player.

The Championship Committee has the right to modify any participants’ Handicap Index during any stroke-play round or Match Play round based on the player’s past performance or stroke play in the interest of equity and fair play. The decision of the Championship Committee shall be binding on all the participants.

ENTRY FEES - Entry fee of Rs. 50,000/- per gang. The various payment options are listed on the Registration page. In addition, the applicable caddie fee and/or cart fee (in courses where the Championship Committee has authorized its usage), shall be paid by the player directly, where the championship rounds are held.

ENTRIES - The entries will open on the website on 12th September, ‘15 and shall be limited to 12 GANGS per city in India (other than Bangalore where it’s restricted to 24 Gangs) on a first-come-first-served basis. The minimum requirement for the tournament to be held in the proposed cities is 8 gangs per tournament day. A Warlord may register his gang on the website at any time even if he/she is unable to furnish all gang members’ details at the time of Registration. However, these details must be complete 15 days prior to the Infantry Battle round in that citadel.

Changes can be made in the gang composition until 2:00 pm on the day before the Infantry Battle. A maximum of 3 players’ names can be changed. NO PLAYER CHANGES will be allowed once the Infantry Battle commences

In order for a/any gang member to compete in the Match-play Round on Day 2, he/she must play the Stroke-play round on Day 1. For example, If a gang fields 9 players on Day 1, 8 out of those 9 players will be eligible to complete on Day 2.

If you are an individual and unable to form a team, write to us at and we will introduce you to different warlords.


GANG PARTICIPATION - THE COMBINED HANDICAP INDEX total of the lowest 8 handicaps of your gang should be minimum 70 and maximum 140 for the Gang to be eligible to compete in this Championship, during all stipulated rounds. In the event that the gang handicap exceeds 140, it is the Warlord's responsibility to ensure the composition of his gang handicap adheres to the 70-140 range. A minimum of 1 under 70 and a maximum of 1 over 140 for the cumulative handicap index total will be permitted.

In the event the total of the lowest 8 handicaps of your gang is less or more than the permissible limit (69 or 141), then two points will be deducted from your team total of 7 best Stableford Scores.

If your team member has not disclosed membership no or lower handicap indexes from any other clubs, then your team is liable for disqualification at any stage through the course of the event, including National Final.

SCORING DURING STABLEFORD ROUNDS - On Day One, the total of 7 BEST STABLEFORD SCORES off 3/4th handicap from a gang’s TEN players will count towards the GANG’S TOTAL STABLEFORD SCORE. A minimum of 8 players to participate on Day One, failing which gang will be disqualified.

The top four gangs from Day One will qualify for Day Two.
Handicap Cut After First Round: If a gang-member plays a round of 2 under his handicap, no handicap cut is applied.
However, a handicap cut is applied for the following: Should this handicap cut be applied, it will NOT affect your minimum requirement of 70 on Day 2

SCORING DURING MATCH PLAY ROUNDS - A Warlord must choose only 8 players for the round. Each Four Ball will consist of one player from each of the four Gangs. Each player will play a singles match against the other three players in the fourball. A win by the player gets ONE POINT, a half gets HALF POINT and a loss gets NO POINT for the Gang. The order in which the players in each Gang will play will be submitted by each Warlord in a sealed envelope to the Tournament Director in advance.

If a Gang plays with the minimum required seven players in this round, the absent player will be deemed to have conceded his/her match to the other three players in the four-ball.

STROKE EXCHANGE DURING MATCH PLAY ROUNDS – 3 Way Match play will be played in each four-ball. 3/4th handicap of each player will be taken into consideration before the start of the round. Lower handicap player gives strokes to the other player based on the full difference between the two lowered handicaps, in each match within the four-ball.

TIES – In the event of a tie in the Stableford round, the EIGHTH CARD will be counted. In the event that the tie still remains unresolved, the Gang with the lower combined handicap total of the 8 players will be declared the winner and the Gang that has played with less than 8 players will not be considered.

During the MATCH PLAY Round of the Championship, if after the round, two or more Gangs are tied for 1st place, a SUDDEN DEATH PLAYOFF. The Warlords of the Gangs shall nominate one player from among the players participating in the Match Play Round, to represent the Gang to play the sudden death playoff. The Championship Committee will announce the Playoff Hole/s, before the start of the Round.

In a draw similar to the Ryder Cup, Warlords from the top 4 qualifying teams, will be called upon to choose their players for each match (in both infantry & cavalry rounds).

The Battle will be contested by the Four Gangs who have made the cut and will be categorized alphabetically (A to D – Gang with the least Cumulative Net Handicap Index Score will be A, 2nd gang will be B etc.) The Four Gangs will then compete in an 18 HOLES 3-WAY MATCHPLAY ROUND in each Group. The Four Gangs will be grouped based on the selection of the warlord of each gang for each match.. The grouping will be as per the draw shown below:

TEES: Men and Women will play from the designated tees specified by the Championship Committee at the respective venues, where the championship will be held. There will be only one designated tee box from where all men will tee off, irrespective of age group on every hole and similarly for women.

TIME OF STARTING: The Championship Committee shall decide the DRAW of the players across all rounds of play. If any player arrives at the starting point, within five minutes after his/her starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty or disqualification as provided in Rule 33-7, the penalty for failure to start on time, is loss of the first hole to be played in Match Play or Two Strokes on each hole missed in Stableford round. Penalty for being late beyond five minutes of the starting time is disqualification of the player.

TRANSPORTATION: Players must not ride on any form of on-course transportation during any stipulated round unless authorized by the Championship Committee. On a golf course where transportation is allowed, all players have to adhere to this condition.

PRACTICE: Once the Championship commences at a designated Golf Course, PRACTICE is not permitted on that Golf Course.

DISTANCE MEASURING DEVICES: Distance Measuring Devices will be permitted during this Championship.

LOGO: Every Gang that’s participating in this Championship is required to create their own Gang Logo which does not infringe Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights or violate the Branding/Logo Guidelines of any existing registered or trademarked Logo of any entity or organization, patented or otherwise. The Logo will form part of the Gang’s entry/registration to participate in the Championship and shall be the property of respective Gang. Rishi Narain Golf Management Private Limited and or its affiliates, sponsor/s or agent/s shall not be liable for any violation or infringement of Intellectual Property Rights or Trademark or Copyright of the Logo submitted by the Gang as part of its entry/registration in the Championship. By virtue of the Gang’s entry/registration in the Championship, the Gang authorizes Rishi Narain Golf Management Private Limited and or its affiliates, sponsor/s or agent/s the exclusive right of use of the Logo on any of its communication, championship web site, merchandise, collaterals, branding, marketing, advertisements as it may deem fit at its sole discretion, for all activities of the Championship. The warlord of a gang should upload his/her gang logo by logging in to their gang page with the User ID and password he/she has created while registering a gang and uploading their logo from their system with the “upload option” on their gang page.

The Championship Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the Name and/or Logo of a Gang as it deems fit.

The Championship Committee will appoint a Tournament Director and Rules Officials at each stipulated round, whose decision shall be final. There is no appeal mechanism on decisions unless the Rules Official concerned consents to allow an appeal to the Championship Committee.

In the event that any round is cancelled or washed out, the Championship Committee shall re-schedule the day/ days of play at their discretion. The Championship Committees decision will be final.

In the event of any other unforeseen situation, the decision of the Championship Committee will be final and binding on all Participants.

Spectator Policy: No Coaches, Advisors, non-playing captains, friends and spouses, will be allowed to walk or ride on carts on the golf course during Day 1 and 2 of the Infantry Battle as well as the National Final. Other playing gang members may walk on the course but must maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet from all competitors. Breach of this rule will lead to disqualification of the gang.

All rights of this Championship are reserved with Rishi Narain Golf Management Private Limited. Touché Golf are the sole owners of the title: ’Golf Gang Wars’

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