GOLF GANG WARS 2015 (GW ‘15) is a team championship event that will see ‘Golf Gangs’ in India compete for the championship to be crowned the ‘Mightiest Golf Gang’ in the country. The championship will have two rounds - The Infantry Battle (Preliminary Rounds in each city) & the Cavalry Battle (National Championship round).

Gangs can register at the championship website: by submitting their ‘Gang Name’ together with the list of TEN PLAYERS. One of them has to be designated as the ‘Warlord’, the Captain of the Gang. The minimum requirement for the tournament to be held in the proposed cities is 8 gangs per tournament day.

The Infantry Battles of GW ’15 in India will be held in Bangalore, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. A location where a maximum of 12 GANGS compete is called a CITADEL. Each city will comprise of ONE CITADEL with a maximum of 12 Gangs, except for Bangalore, which will have TWO CITADELS of 24 Gangs.

INFANTRY BATTLE – The infantry battle is played over two days. The first day will be an 18 HOLES STABLEFORD competition off 3/4th handicap among the participating Gangs of the respective Citadel at the designated Golf Course. All the Gangs participating in a CITADEL will play in one session. The TOP FOUR GANGS OF EACH CITADEL from Day 1, will play the following day at the same golf course in an 18 Holes 3-WAY MATCHPLAY FORMAT off 3/4th handicap to determine the WINNING GANG of the Citadel, who will then qualify to play in the CAVALRY BATTLE- the National Championship.

The defending National champion ofGW’14 will automatically qualify for the Match Play round of the Infantry Battle of the Citadel from where they participated in the previous championship, subject to the following conditions:

  • The Gang registers for GW ’15 under the same name that won in the championship in the previous edition.
  • Maximum of 4 player changes are made to the gang’s registration in GW ‘15 from among the players who won the championship in the previous edition.
  • The gang must however participate in the Stroke-play round of the Infantry Battle, and meet the eligibility criteria .

CAVALRY BATTLE – The Nine Champion Gangs from the Infantry Battle will vie for the National Championship to compete at a designated golf course over two days, as follows: The first day will be an 18 HOLES STABLEFORD off 3/4th handicap, post which a 4/9 cut will be applied. The remaining Four Gangs will then compete the next day in an 18 HOLES 3-WAY MATCHPLAY ROUND off 3/4th handicap in each Group. The Gang with the most number of Cumulative Points by their individual players will be declared the Winners of GW ‘15 in India as the National Champion Gang.